George C. Eyre, Law Offices provides practical advice and legal solutions to start-ups, consultants and to companies in the I/T, multimedia and other areas. We register and prosecute Canadian Trade Marks and assist our clients with protection around the globe. George C. Eyre, B. Math., L.L.B., M.Eng. is an ex-computer consultant who had ten years experience in the computer field with companies such as Bell Canada and I.B.M. ( New York ) before returning to law school to become a computer lawyer.
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To view the presentation given by George C. Eyre, Designing Privacy into Computer Systems  which was given at Federated Press' Managing Privacy Compliance on  March 3 & 4,  2014,  click here:


A UK blogger discovered that his new LG Smart TV was sending back unencrypted information about what TV shows he was watching and the names of files in his USB card attached to his TV to LG. “In fact, there is an option in the system settings called "Collection of watching info:" which is set ON by default. This setting requires the user to scroll down to see it and, unlike most other settings, contains no "balloon help" to describe what it does.” He turned this switch off; however, it had no effect! The LG Smart TV was still spying on him.

Do you have a smart TV or are you thinking of buying? Is it spying on you? Also, is you cable company spying on you? More to come.


Do You Conduct Business Online?

If you conduct business online, you should review your terms of use, privacy policies and other legal agreements and marketing processes to ensure compliance with Canada’s new Anti-Spam law which is expected to come into force next year. The penalties are high ($1m for individuals and $10M for business) and the Act is very complex and the definitions are not as precise as they should be.


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